Katy Perry reveals ‘American Idol’ wooed her ”for a long, long, long, long time”


Katy Perry is about to celebrate her sixth season on American Idol and revealed what convinced her to join the show.

“I was pursued by Idol for a long time — long, long, long, long time,” Katy disclosed to Gwyneth Paltrow via the goop podcast. She continued, “I was putting out records, going on tours and stuff like that.”

While Katy said she always knew she would join the show because she loved the aspect of empowering future singers, she wanted to wait until the timing was right for her. 

“I also wanted to start my life and have my family and have a little bit more balance. I knew I wasn’t going to go on a world tour every year, and so they came and said, ‘Ya wanna do it?"” she recalled, adding she responded with an eager, “I’m ready!”

“I did it and I just fell in love with the new iteration of it … It’s super empowering, super uplifting. It’s got so much heart and depth to it,” the singer said, adding she loves working alongside her co-judges, Luke Bryan and Lionel Ritchie. “No one hands us any script and we get to literally have final say over pretty much everything until America actually votes,” she added.

Katy is glad she signed on, adding she has since started her family with fiancé Orlando Bloom and embarked on her PLAY residency in Las Vegas, where she performs every “three weeks on and three weeks off.”

The next season of American Idol begins February 19 on ABC. 

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