Katy Perry cuts out alcohol when she’s prepping for a tour or album


Katy Perry is practicing “Dryuary” — where one is challenged not to drink alcohol during the month of January — and reveals she actually goes a step further than that.

Speaking to Women’s Health, Katy revealed she will go alcohol-free for months when it comes to her music. “Sometimes when I’m prepping for a tour or album release, I’ll take three or six months where I’m not drinking at all,” she disclosed.

“I am a zero to 100 type of girl,” she continued. “I lean into the luxury and the pleasure. But then I have to recuperate and take time, pull back, re-energize by feeding myself good things and taking care of myself in certain ways so that I can go back out into the world and ham it up.”

Katy will never drink alcohol before a show. “I have so many marks to hit, and so many things that I have to make feel effortless and easy and natural, but they’re actually very technical,” she explained. “I’m hanging on wires, I’m masquerading as a Cirque de Soleil performer many of the times.”

Katy also spoke about being a first-time mom, and said she gives all the “extra moments I have to being present and being a mother.” She shares a 2-year-old daughter named Daisy with partner Orlando Bloom.

Katy became a mom at 35 and believes the timing was perfect. “I really feel like I checked off a lot of my life boxes and was ready to do that, to be of service as a mother does … I’ve seen so many views of so many different mountains, and this is the best view,” she said.

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