Jonas Brothers say fatherhood helped them overcome their competitive nature


Not that long ago, the Jonas Brothers broke up due to a “deep rift” in the band. But since reuniting in 2019, things seem to be just fine with Nick, Joe and Kevin. In fact, they’ve managed to set aside one specific negative thing about their brotherly dynamic — and you can credit their kids for that.

“I think we are far less competitive now with each other than we used to be,” Nick recently told ABC News’ IMPACT X Nightline. “And it’s something that was either, like, right up front if we were in a competitive setting — whether it was sports or whatever we were doing — or it was kind of seething underneath.”

Since all three brothers became fathers, those issues have dissipated, Nick says: “I think now we just, like, have this real support for each other.”

“Honestly, parenthood kind of does that for you. At least that’s been my experience,” he said. “You realize,  y’know, your own sort of feelings about things or [your] need to do whatever … it’s all secondary to that person, and their heart and their goals.”

“And so I think, between us, we’ve been able to really just be a support system for each other in the chapter that we’re in now, as opposed to any other sort of feelings,” Nick added. Kevin said, “I agree completely.”

Between them, JoBros have five kids. Kevin and wife Danielle have two daughters, Alena and Valentina, while Nick and wife Priyanka Chopra have one daughter, Malti. Joe has two daughters: Willa and the baby girl he and wife Sophie Turner welcomed last July, whose name hasn’t been revealed.

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