Jon Bon Jovi, Katy Perry, Jonas Brothers & more sign open letter denouncing “irresponsible” use of AI


Katy Perry, Jon Bon Jovi, Jonas Brothers, Sheryl Crow and Sam Smith are among the more than 200 artists who’ve signed an open letter decrying the “irresponsible” and “predatory” use of artificial intelligence in music.

The letter, issued by the Artists Rights Alliance, calls for AI developers, technology companies, platforms and digital music services to stop using AI to “infringe upon and devalue the rights of human artists.”

While the letter acknowledges that AI has “enormous potential to advance human creativity,” it notes that “used irresponsibly,” it “poses enormous threats to our ability to protect our privacy, our identities, our music and our livelihoods.”

Specifically, the letter accuses “some of the biggest and powerful companies” of using the work of famous musicians to “train AI models” in order to replace “the work of human artists.”

“We must protect against the predatory use of AI to steal professional artists’ voices and likenesses, violate creators’ rights and destroy the music ecosystem,” the letter notes.

The artists are asking those in the AI field to pledge “that they will not develop or deploy AI music-generation technology, content and tools that undermine or replace the human artistry of songwriters and artists or deny us fair compensation for our work.”

Other acts who’ve signed the letter include Camila Cabello, Imagine DragonsRyan Tedder, Smokey Robinson, Michelle Branch, R.E.M. and Stevie Wonder.

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