Jennifer Lopez reveals her children were crushed to learn Selena Quintanilla had died


Jennifer Lopez is finally showing her children her old movies, and they were in for quite a shock when she fired up Selena.

JLo embodied the slain Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla in the 1997 biopic, which she recently showed to her 14-year-old twins, Max and Emme

She told Today that her kids were gutted by the movie’s true ending. “It was kind of sweet because I don’t think they realized that she passed away,” she began. “And so, at the end of the movie, they were [screaming], ‘NOOOO!"”

JLo admits to doing a mom fail because she honestly thought her kids knew how Selena’s story ended. The 23-year-old “Dreaming of You” singer was shot and killed in 1995 by her friend Yolanda Saldívar

Jennifer was cast to play Selena in the 1997 biopic. Because she was an unknown singer at the time, the movie is said to have kick-started Jennifer’s massive career.

Jennifer is now starring in a new movie, the action rom-com Shotgun Wedding, which starts streaming January 27 on Prime Video.

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