Jenna Ortega teases whether Lady Gaga will appear in ’Wednesday’ season 2


With Wednesday, the hit Netflix series about the beloved Addams Family character, returning for a new season, all eyes are on Lady Gaga and whether she’ll be part of the next chapter. 

Jenna Ortega, who stars as Wednesday, teased the possibility to Variety. She hopes to see Gaga take on a role similar to Christina Ricci‘s secret antagonist, Marilyn Thornhill.

“If Lady Gaga were to be a part of it, they’d have to be two monsters who understand each other,” she said of the relationship she’d want her character to have with Gaga’s.

As for whether that’ll actually happen, Ortega admitted she’s had no contact with her idol. “I have seen nothing and I know nothing. As the actor you’re told what to do. I’m waiting on it! I think they’re just starting to get a writers room together so we’ll see,” she teased.

Lady Gaga was first connected to the series by the viral dance scene that sees Wednesday flailing to The Cramps‘ 1981 song “Goo Goo Muck.” TikTokers recreated the dance, but instead chose to soundtrack their videos to a sped-up version of Gaga’s 2011 deep cut “Bloody Mary.”

The trend was so popular, Gaga jumped in on the viral “Wednesday dance” craze.

“It’s really strange,” Ortega said of their two worlds unexpectedly colliding and revealed she shares some history with the hitmaker.

“A long time ago I worked with a hairdresser that worked with Gaga and I just had seen Gaga in concert a few years before. [The hairdresser got] Gaga [to make] me a video saying she heard I was a fan,” she said. “Gaga made me a sweet video. I doubt she remembers. But to see her to do that now … it’s one of those moments you realize life changes really fast.”

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