It’s the dog days of winter on Lindsey Stirling’s holiday tour


Lindsey Stirling recently released a video for her current holiday hit “Sleigh Ride,” and it’s a “tour edition,” featuring behind-the-scenes footage shot during her current Christmas tour. Prominently featured in the video is Lindsey’s little dog Luna, who travels with her as her “official emotional support animal.”

In the video, we see Lindsey, her crew, band and dancers getting ready to perform as Luna watches rehearsals and runs around the venues where Lindsey is playing. Lindsey says Luna’s presence is great for everyone’s mental health. 

“Honestly …not only for me, but I feel like for everyone, having like a dog on the road is so nice,” she tells ABC Audio. “‘Cause people can come by and just take a little break and pet her, or she’s on the bus with us and she’ll kind of skip around and, you know, sit with different people.”

“There is something so calming about having a dog or an animal on the road, which can be such a stressful place sometimes,” she adds. “So, yes, she is, we like to say, an ‘official emotional support animal."”

Being on the road with a dog has its own challenges, but Lindsey says it’s not very often that the tour bus has to pull over so she can walk Luna.

“She’s actually usually pretty good. There’s only been a few times when I’ve had to, like, run up to the driver, and be like, ‘Um, we gotta go outside!"” shares Lindsey. “And that was only when she had like a little stomach bug of some kind.”

“But normally, she’s, like, the best tour dog, she’s the best studio dog — I just really lucked out with this little one.”

Lindsey’s current Christmas tour wraps up New Year’s Eve in Chicago.

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