“It wouldn’t be my first choice”: Michael Bublé talks about his children following in his footsteps


Michael Bublé‘s son Noah has been showing off his piano skills and that is leading to questions about his future career ambitions. If Michael had his way, he’d probably steer his 9-year-old in another direction.

During an interview with German media outlet GALA, the singer was asked if he’d want Noah to become a singer when he grows up. “It wouldn’t be my first choice,” the singer said, translated from German. 

Michael noted that Noah will be the one to ultimately make the call and added, “If it fulfills him – sure.” The singer noted how children inevitably begin to resemble their parents and said he’s now making the same bad jokes his father used to crack.

Michael also opened up about balancing his family life and career, and how he’s adjusted his touring schedule to ensure he enjoys the best of both worlds.

The singer explained he’s unhappy when he’s away from his family for too long. “So I started cutting the tours into chunks – three weeks on tour, two weeks off. It drives my manager crazy,” he said with a laugh.

Michael, who is a father of four, also noted he probably sees his children more than his friends, who work as real estate agents and dentists. “Other fathers drive to work in the morning and maybe read a bedtime story in the evening – that’s it. When I’m home, every day is a daddy day,” he said.

Michael also joked about the kind of gifts he buys his wife, Luisana Lopilato. “I know what she likes,” he said. “If a shoe is particularly ugly, with feathers and a purple stones – then I know she’s going to love it.”

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