“It was a little shocking”: Lance Bass talks *NSYNC reunion, Britney’s book and Boursin


*NSYNC‘s song “Better Place,” from Trolls Band Together, has put them back on the charts after more than 20 years. Lance Bass tells ABC Audio what his reaction was when he got the call about reuniting with the rest of the group.

“It was a little shocking. I wasn’t expecting to do a new *NSYNC song right now, 23 years later!” he laughs. “But it just made sense … and I just loved the song, especially in the context of the movie.”

“He did such a great job with it. And it was just fun to be back in the studio with those guys,” he adds. “It was like no day had passed.”

There was even more nostalgia for Lance when he read Britney Spears‘ memoir The Woman In Me, which covers the same time period as his own 2008 memoir, Out of Sync.

“It brings up all kinds of great memories,” he says of Britney’s book. “But it’s interesting seeing people’s perspectives on everything. You learn so much more about what really happened after the fact.”

“But I love that girl … and I’m just glad that she’s back in my life,” he adds.

Lance is gearing up for the holiday season by teaming with Boursin Cheese to give away the Maison Boursin Connection Collection, a $500 collection of items to elevate your holiday parties: candles, serving pieces, conversation starters, a silk jacket and more. Lance says he’s all about serving cheese and charcuterie for the holidays.

“I do a Christmas party every year called a Charcuterie Christmas, where everyone brings their own charcuterie platter,” he reveals. “And of course, everyone has to be very creative because it is a contest … Last year’s [winner was] a person that made a Rihanna one called a “Charcuter-RiRi” — which was awesome.”

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