“It keeps me humble”: Pink isn’t ready to stop with the aerial acrobatics at her shows


Pink isn’t ready to obey gravity just yet.

Speaking with People, the 43-year-old singer explained why she’ll still fly through the air during her upcoming tour. “I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast before I was a singer. And once you get to fly, why would you not?” she reasoned.

Pink continued, “My mom was like, ‘Are you ever going to stay on the ground?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to stand there [and] lip sync. Sure, that sounds fun."”

“No, why would I stay on the ground if I don’t have to? It’s really fun, it’s really physical, it’s really hard, it keeps me engaged, and it keeps me humble,” she added.

So what inspired Pink to soar through the air during her performances? We can thank Cher for that. Pink says she had the idea after watching the legendary singer’s Living Proof: The Farewell Tour in the early 2000s.

That said, Pink doesn’t think she’ll stop with the acrobatics anytime soon. “If there was a thing I would’ve stopped for, it would’ve been my kids, but now they get to do it at soundcheck though — we’re all good,” she said.

Pink’s North American tour — her first since 2019 — kicks off October 12 in Sacramento, California. It wraps up November 18 in Orlando, Florida.

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