“I’m just happy to be here”: New Rock Hall of Famers Sheryl Crow and Bernie Taupin discuss their inductions


Over the years, Sheryl Crow has made many appearances at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, both as a performer and a presenter. But on November 3, she showed up at the Hall’s annual induction gala in a new role — inductee — which she had a hard time believing.

“I think it’s easier to be on the other side, to be honest,” Sheryl told ABC Audio on the red carpet. “It’s so amazing … I mean, to even see my name in the list of all the people that are in the Rock Hall, all the people that brought me here, all the people that inspire me to do what I’m doing … so it’s awesome. It really is.”

Backstage, she told reporters that she believed she had “manifested” her success. “All of my energy went into expressing my experiences through music and through words. And lo and behold, I got back what I put out,” she said.

Sheryl was inducted by Oscar-winner Laura Dern because, Sheryl revealed, “She has been one of my oldest friends … we have been through thick and thin together. She knows where all the bodies are buried.” 

And speaking of old friends, Sheryl said the most exciting thing about the event was being inducted the same year as 90-year-old country icon Willie Nelson.

“I think that’s probably what means more to me than anything else, is getting to be in with him and getting to sing with him,” she said. “And I do not take it for granted.”

Two of Sheryl’s other iconic friends — Stevie Nicks and Peter Frampton — joined her onstage at the ceremony to play “Everyday Is a Winding Road.” Sheryl’s very first concert was Frampton, back in 1976, and he told ABC Audio that when he and Sheryl appeared at an event together in 2019, “she wore the T-shirt that she bought at that concert when she was 13. And it still fit!”

The late George Michael was also inducted this year, by his musical partner in Wham, Andrew Ridgeley. Andrew told ABC Audio that while George “didn’t really enjoy being the focus of attention,” he would have been “really personally pleased and immensely flattered … to to be inducted into the hallowed ranks.”

Another inductee, Elton John‘s songwriting partner Bernie Taupin, told ABC Audio, “I’ve no idea why I’m being inducted. I mean, it’s a pleasure. I’m thrilled … when you’re in a sort of fraternity with people like Johnny Cash and Little Richard, [there’s] something special involved in that.”

He laughed, “I’m just happy to be here and get it done, so I can go home and watch some football!”

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