“First night of tour was sexy”: Lewis Capaldi catches and wears bra fan threw at him during concert


According to Lewis Capaldi, he had a very sexy start to his tour — and he has the receipts.

Lewis shared the hilarious proof to TikTok, which starts with him holding up a bra a fan must have thrown at him from the pit. Lewis holds it out for a couple moments before the crowd begins chanting, “Put it on!”

With a shrug, the singer does just that. But before he does, he cracks, “This is padded. Someone out there is a f***ing liar!”

Lewis also modeled his new accessory before the cheering crowd and marveled, “When I imagined the opening night of my sell-out arena tour, this is what I was thinking.”

The singer also noted in the video’s caption, “First night of tour was sexy.”

Lewis just launched his tour, which runs until September 23 with a final stop set for Belfast, Ireland. The trek is in support of his forthcoming album, Broken By Desire to be Heavenly Sent, which arrives May 19.

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