Ed Sheeran reacts to “Eyes Closed” already going viral on TikTok


Ed Sheeran‘s new song “Eyes Closed” isn’t even out yet, but it’s already going viral on TikTok.

Ahead of the song’s Friday release, the singer addressed fans to thank them for supporting the new single. He noted a clip of the song has already soundtracked 965,000 videos.

“Almost 1m creations before it comes out. Does this mean I’m having my Tik Tok moment?” he asked before remarking, “I was always destined for this.”

Ed closed his post by writing, “I would like to thank my friends and family who believed in me. Keep creating and hope you enjoy.”

As previously reported, “Eyes Closed” will be the first song released off Ed’s new album, -, pronounced Subtract. The song explores the inescapable grief he felt following the unexpected death of his friend Jamal Edwards.

Ed also previewed a segment of the song’s music video earlier this week. He said the video will personify his grief through the form of a big, blue monster that only Ed can see. He said the fuzzy beast will continue to grow in size throughout the video until it takes over his entire line of sight.

“Often sadness is something that follows you around, engulfing the rooms you’re in, and you can feel and see it, but no one else around you can,” he described.

“Eyes Closed” arrives Friday, March 24. As for the Subtract album, it’s set to come out May 3.

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