Ed Sheeran plays “Lego House” outside an actual Lego Store


It had to happen sometime. Ed Sheeran‘s current tour hijinks have seen him work at various restaurants and stores in between gigs, but now he’s finally come full circle: He sang his song “Lego House” in front of the Lego Store at the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

Ed was in Minneapolis to perform two shows there. As he documented on Instagram, Ed was set to perform at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on August 12. So before the gig, he donned a yellow apron to work as a “brick specialist” at the store, autographing sets and helping customers select Lego bricks. Then, for the grand finale, he grabbed his acoustic guitar and sang his song “Lego House” for a small crowd at the mall.

To say that Ed is obsessed with Lego is somewhat of an understatement. In 2017, he revealed that when his first album hit #1, he bought himself the Star Wars Death Star Lego kit. He also revealed that he once brought a Lego set along on a date, built it while he and his date chatted, and then went home.

Ed also noted in his Instagram video that he’d had a lot of Lego mini-figures of himself made up that say “Autumn is coming,” a phrase he’s been using to tease … something … for several weeks now.  In fact, he captioned his post about the show, “Left some clues around the stadium about autumn coming. Did you know autumn is coming?”

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