Ed Sheeran plays ‘Friends’-inspired song for pal Courteney Cox


Ed Sheeran‘s song “American Town,” from his upcoming album Autumn Variations, seems like it might be inspired by his wife, Cherry, but according to a video he posted on Instagram, someone else inspired it: Courteney Cox.

Well, it was actually Courteney’s show Friends that inspired it, according to Ed, who performs the song to her in the clip. Ed sings, “We ate Chinese food in small white boxes/ Live the life we saw in Friends/Your room it barely fits the mattress/ Wake up, leave for work again.”

“Wait, that was really about the show Friends?” Courteney asks when Ed stops singing. “Well, inspired by it, yeah. ‘Cause you eat Chinese food in small white boxes. We lived the life that we saw in Friends. Inspiring the people!” he responds.

“Oh my God, I love that,” says Courteney. “Wow. Do I get paid?”

Ed and Courteney have actually been friends for years; he even introduced her to her partner, Johnny McDaid from Snow Patrol. They met back in 2013 when they were introduced by a mutual friend, and he ended up staying at her house for three months while he worked on his album. To this day, Ed often stays with Courteney when he visits LA, which is why, in his post, he refers to her as his “landlady.”

“Sorry for the late rent, I’m good for it,” he jokes.

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