Ed Sheeran gets drunk during six-hour NYC bar crawl celebrating new album release


Thursday night in New York City, drinks were on Ed Sheeran.

On the morning of Friday, September 29, Ed posted a video on Instagram documenting a bar crawl he undertook on Thursday to celebrate his new album, Autumn Variations.

“Right, to celebrate my album release I’m gonna pub crawl, go in random bars and drinks are on me for the next six hours… let’s… GO!” Ed announces in the video. It then cuts to Ed in on his first drink in his first bar, where he notes that things aren’t really popping off. “We’re not there yet,” he complained, in terms of level of excitement.

He then announces that he’s “going to the f****** place where people wanna go for it!” and hops on the subway, where he chats with a guy while mostly being ignored by everyone else. Next, we see him in a much more active establishment, playing beer pong and setting up shots on the bar, surrounded by a fairly lively crowd.

In the last 90 minutes, Ed heads down to New York’s Greenwich Village and finally finds the vibe he’s been looking for. He lines up shots for the excited crowd and serves them on trays while people chant, “Ed! Ed! Ed!”

At the end of the night — and the video — Ed sums up his experience.

“When we started out, the place… they weren’t feeling it,” he says. “The next place? Weren’t feeling it either. We got on the subway, and then… here we are. I’m very drunk right now. Very drunk. Autumn Variations out right now!”

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