Don’t miss Elton John in Super Bowl ad for Doritos


In 2021, Elton John did a commercial for UberEats with rapper Lil Nas X. This Sunday you can watch for him  in a Super Bowl commercial that stars Lil Nas X’s duet partner on the number-one hit “Industry Baby” — rapper Jack Harlow.

The ad is for Doritos, and it features Jack giving up rapping and become a triangle player after being inspired by the triangular shape of a Doritos chip. He’s so successful at it that a triangle craze sweeps the world: Not only is everyone playing the instrument, people are making clothes out of them, and in the United Kingdom triangles “replace the British pound.”

When it comes time to hand out the Grammy for Triangle Player of the Year, Jack thinks he’s got it in the bag — only for Elton to be announced as the winner. We then see Elton, wearing a suit reminiscent of the one he wore to perform with Eminem at the actual Grammys, playing a giant neon triangle.

Speaking to Billboard, Jack calls Elton’s cameo the “cherry on top,” adding, “That’s an icon that reaches everyone and adds even more legitimacy to the ad. He’s so iconic and accomplished, a genius. I was thrilled that he [was] a part of it.” They didn’t actually get to meet during the shoot, but he’s looking forward to the time when they can get together in real life.

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