Cyndi Lauper says she wants her farewell tour to be “a real celebration and a thank-you”


Cyndi Lauper recently announced her Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Farewell Tour, which starts Oct. 18 in Montreal and will travel around the world. In an interview with ABC News’ Eva Pilgrim that will air on ABC’s GMA3 and ABC News Live Prime Thursday, Cyndi discusses her life and career, and shares why she’s done traveling.

In an interview excerpt, Cyndi tells ABC News that she’s doing her first headlining arena tour since the ’80s because, as she puts it, “I can’t do this again. Y’know, trains, planes and automobiles, buses. And, you know, this is really it.”

In other words, this isn’t just a marketing scheme. “I mean, I may do something somewhere,” she allows. “But not touring. Not this.”

Cyndi, 70, says the tour’s happening now for one simple reason. “I’m strong right now. … I don’t know what I’m going to be like in five years,” she says. “But I’m strong now. I’m strong enough to take a bus, take a plane and go to the different places.”

And Lauper’s eager to bid farewell to all the fans who, she says, “have been real patient with me” as she’s explored different genres over the years.

“I want it to be a real celebration and a thank-you,” she says. “It’ll be nice to say goodbye to all my fans that all through the years were there for me. We’ll have a good time. Because God knows we need a good time.”

Cyndi will then move on to her next project: a long-in-the-works Broadway musical based on the 1988 movie Working Girl, which she says will head to Broadway in 2026. 

“I’m excited about that,” she says. “And I can’t do both. I can’t do the touring and then do that at the same time.”

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