Cher opens up about mom Georgia Holt’s final moments


As previously reported, Cher’s mother, Georgia Holt, passed away Saturday at age 96. Cher initially didn’t share too much about it, only tweeting “Mom is gone,” but she’s now opening up a bit about her mom’s final days.

After tweeting that she “can’t sleep very well,” Cher explained, “The truth…. She’s been Sick, & rallying, she then got bad, she was in so much pain,” adding, “Finally she coded on way to Hosp. By time we Got to Hosp….The Woman who Who Was MY KICK A** MOM was No long Here.”

Cher also noted how grateful she was for the outpouring of affection her mother has received since her death.  “Mom Would Be So Trilled That Ppl From All Over 🌎 Are Talking About Her With ❤️ & Admiration,” she tweeted. “Truth Is…I TOOK MOMS VOICE & HER DREAM & MADE THEM REAL. She Couldn’t Manifest Them, So I Did It 4 Her, & Made Her Happy,” noting, “My SISTER GEE WAS THE BRILLIANT ONE.I WAS UGLY 🦆THAT TURNED 2 🦢.” 

And if people don’t believe Cher’s comment about taking her mom’s voice, she suggested, “Look for Cher & mom sing ‘I’m just your yesterday.’ You’ll see where I stole my voice,” referring to her mom’s 1982 song.

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