Camila Cabello urges fans to protect gorillas following trip to Rwanda


Camila Cabello urged her fans to protect gorillas after she visited a reserve in Rwanda.

The singer took to Instagram to share a carousel of photos and videos of her admiring a family of silverback gorillas from afar at Volcanoes National Park.

“I never imagined in my wildest dreams i could one day hike in the rainforest and be able to … look in the eyes of a Silverback gorilla and literally bow in his presence,” she wrote.

Camila continued, “And to know that we could have an experience like this and be able to share space with these noble giants, is all made [possible] by people dedicated to their conservation and protection and to know that it was good for both wildlife and the local communities was CRUCIAL.”

She commended the efforts that went into “helping to save these precious creatures from extinction.”

Camila revealed she also paid her respects to the Rwandan Genocide Memorial and wrote, “Rwandans are such a compassionate, resilient, strong people.”

She then tagged the accounts fans can follow to see the gorillas she interacted with and encouraged fans to check out the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, which protects mountain gorillas.

Roughly 1,000 mountain gorillas are believed to exist in the wild, says the African Wildlife Foundation.

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