British politicians fight over whos the biggest Taylor Swift fan


Last year Taylor Swift‘s name came up during Congressional hearings about Ticketmaster and the concert industry. Well, you’ll be glad to know that it’s not just U.S. politicians who namedrop Taylor while ostensibly discussing serious issues.

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, recently wrote on social platform X that “as a proud Swiftie” he was happy that Taylor had chosen to play more shows in London than any other city. But the London Evening Standard reports that on Thursday Khan was asked four times by a member of the opposing political party to name his favorite Swift era — and he couldn’t.

Emma Best, an official with the Tory Party, asked Khan during a Q&A session, “I was happy to hear that you are yourself a Swiftie … so I wondered, what is your favorite era?” Khan, a member of the Labour Party, replied, “Well, as an ‘anti-hero,’ you’ll appreciate that the era I like the best are Labour eras.”

Best repeated the question, to which Khan replied, “Oh, listen, I think we’re not going to ‘shake it out’ today” — awkwardly getting the song’s title wrong.

Best persisted, adding, “I’d like to know that it’s your favorite [era] when I’m listening to it.” “As a Swiftie, you’ll appreciate that they’re all my favorites,” Khan shot back.

To which Best replied, “I think you don’t know one, Mr. Mayor, and I think you’re trying to latch on to the Swiftie stardom … I’m onto you, Mr. Mayor.”

Khan said, “You know the Tories are desperate when they think association with Taylor Swift will help them win the election.”

Another Tory official who was present said, “I keep thinking — Taylor who? I haven’t a clue. I listened to one of her songs the other day — what tripe.”

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