Bon appétit, baby: Katy Perry calls cheeseburger outfit her fav Met Gala look


With the Met Gala fast approaching, Katy Perry is looking back at her most iconic looks and revealed which one was her favorite.

Speaking with Vogue, the hitmaker said she loved the outfit she put together for the 2019 gala. Yes, she’s talking about her infamous cheeseburger outfit.

“My favorite Met Ball outfit,” she raved while looking at a photo of her done up in her fast-food glory. Katy also reminded fans that “was my secondary outfit” at the event.

Of course, the outfit she wore when walking the red carpet also generated crazy headlines. “I was a chandelier to arrive. That had tricks to it and it lit up,” she said, adding designer Jeremy Scott created both looks for the night.

“I’ve always had this approach to fashion, which is like, it’s one of two things: it’s either [over-the-top] fun, wacky, humorous or it’s like super glamor, fashion-satire-esque — satirical, actually.”

Katy also recalled she “bumped into, literally, Celine Dion” while she was dressed as the cheeseburger. “She grabbed me and happened to grab me where my meat patty part was … so, Celine has grabbed me by the meat,” she joked.

Speaking of the Met Gala, Katy endured a similar makeup faux pas to the one Selena Gomez infamously had in 2018, where her skin gradually became darker through the course of the evening due to a bad tanning product.

Katy revealed something similar happened to her when filming the music video for “California Gurls.”

“When you get a spray tan the day of the music video, your color changes gradually throughout the day — so I kept on getting oranger, and oranger, and oranger,” she laughed, adding, “We had to spend so much extra money on color-grading this music video.”

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