BLACK HISTORY MONTH: February 4, 2023 – Tina Turner – we NEVER KNEW!


From everything we’ve learned through the years about Tina Turner, one thing is for sure; she’s an amazingly TOUGH woman.  And the trials she’s been through have made her one of the strongest women in show business, probably ever.

But after all of her challenges growing up in poverty, with her first husband Ike Turner, and in reclaiming her career in the ’80s, many of us DIDN’T KNOW that Tina suffered a stroke in 2013 that left her unable to walk.  Learning her faculties all over again, she taught herself, through physical therapy, to get up and regain her life.  Unfortunately, she’s continued to deal with ongoing health problems since, even having a kidney transplant in 2017.

She’s considered herself “retired” from music for several years now, and although that makes us sad to think about what she continues to battle, watching Tina Turner continue to be a fighter is one of those moments where you look back after a crummy day at work and say, “my troubles really aren’t that bad.”

Gives life a little perspective, huh?

So here’s to Tina today – and Tina – thank you for ALWAYS fighting on for all of us.  You’re all the hero we need.