BLACK HISTORY MONTH: February 24, 2023 – He’s funny, he’s dramatic…AND he can sing?


The years 1984 and 1985 were a banner time for Eddie Murphy; he was at the top of his game as an A+ character actor on “Saturday Night Live,” the movie offers for starring roles like Axel F in “Beverly Hills Cop” were starting to roll in… and then… poof, out of nowhere, he adds another part to his repertoire.


It’s true.  Eddie sang on several songs with his early comedy albums, but no one realized he had the talent to pull it off until, in 1985, released the Rick James-produced “Party All The Time.”  A lot of us, in retrospect, kinda thought, “hmmmmm.”  But here we are, nearly 40 years later, still turning up Eddie Murphy and wanting to hang with that girl who parties all the time.


While Eddie doesn’t look exactly NATURAL doing this – he made it work – and it makes him just ONE NOTCH higher on our Mount Rushmore of great entertainers.  So, here’s to Eddie today – and maybe finding that some of our other favorite actors and personalities can lend their voices to song, too!