BLACK HISTORY MONTH: February 12, 2023 – Brandy and Monica: Beef, or just bull?


Before Brandy Norwood and Monica Denise Arnold walked into the studio to record “The Boy Is Mine,” in late 1997, people had already said the two had beef.

The fact is, they had never even met.  That’s the craziness of showbusiness.

Fueled by press, fans, and tabloids, no one outside of the two women seems to know exactly where the disagreement between the two started.  It grew so rapidly that rumors were the two were physical before an MTV performance.  In recent years, Monica has indulged the nature of their youthful stardom – Brandy at 18, Monica at 17 when they recorded the song, “led to it being more difficult” perhaps than it needed to be.

But for both of them, the collaboration ended up being their only respective grammy, winning Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group in 1999.



So like it, love it, hate it – hate EACH OTHER – there’s a mutual admiration for the process of being able to achieve such an honor together.

And tonight, we honor them for having the ability to put the beef aside for the greater good.  Because this song still slaps!