‘Beauty and the Beast’ star Josh Groban comes face to face with The Beast at Disney World


In 2022, Josh Groban played The Beast in ABC’s Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration, but he recently found himself face to face with the real thing on his debut trip to Disney World.

On Instagram, Josh, 42, wrote, “Epic week with my love experiencing my first ever (!!!) trip to Disney World Florida! We rode rides and drank green beer and experienced a Disney Halloween in 92 degree September heat!! So fun!!”

In his Story, Josh posted footage of himself sitting at a table in a ballroom while The Beast — or at least someone in a Beast costume — walks around waving to everyone. Josh waves back as his girlfriend laughs.

“There can be only 2, apparently,” he captioned the video.

In a random “celebrity worlds colliding” moment, *NSYNC’s Joey Fatone, a Florida resident, wrote in the comments, “Next time call me I’ll be your tour guide!!!! Glad you enjoyed Mr. Sweeny [sic] Todd.”

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