“All is forgiven”: Ed Sheeran extends olive branch to quash beef with New Zealand chocolate


Of all the adversaries Ed Sheeran can have, his is New Zealand’s chocolate scene.

The bad blood began boiling in 2015 when he dissed the country’s chocolate quality, according to News Hub. Ed had tweeted, “Everything down under is better, except the chocolate. Step the chocolate game up.”

But now Ed is ready to make amends. The singer is currently in the nation’s capital city of Wellington and admitted on Instagram that what he said about the country’s sweets might have been too harsh. “I take back what I said about NZ chocolate, it’s actually alright isn’t it,” he wrote.

Whittaker’s Chocolate, which is based in New Zealand, replied with, “We would have to agree, New Zealand chocolate is pretty top notch [winking emoji] Even better, NZ’s finest chocolate is made here in Wellington, just down the road from you.”

The company took it a step further and made an Ed Sheeran chocolate bar. “A special Ed-ition block, for Ed,” the company announced on its Instagram Story, adding the bar was “crafted especially for our newest chocolate lover.”

The candy bar is wrapped in gold foil, with Ed’s face and the words “Ed Block” embossed in red.

Ed apparently can’t wait to sink his teeth into it and said in his own Instagram Story, “Whittaker’s … You made a bar of chocolate with my face on it. I’ve just seen the memes. I’m in Wellington for one more day, please get me a bar and all is forgiven.”

It appears Ed has yet to get his hands on that special chocolate bar.

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