Adam Lambert’s ‘High Drama’ is the pause before the “real nice challenge”: an original musical


Adam Lambert just released his covers album, High Drama, which he says is something he put out to “entertain people with” while he works on his next big project: an original musical.

“The process of putting a musical together is a longer timeline,” Adam told USA Today. “I said to my team, ‘I wish I had new music to put out on the quick side for all of my beautiful fans.’ And the idea for a covers album felt like, O.K., we could get that done quicker, and have great music to entertain people with!”

High Drama features Adam’s takes on songs by current artists like Billie Eilish, Sia and Pink, as well as hits from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. And speaking of the ’70s, Adam’s musical is the story of a person from that decade.

“I’m thrilled to be able to write music for somebody else’s story than my own,” Adam told ABC Audio last year. “That’s a real nice challenge. I do identify a bit with this person and I can see myself in them at times, but I was not alive in the ’70s. … it’s about a different time and it’s about somebody a bit ahead of their time.”

Adam’s also happy to be part of a musical from the beginning.

“I gotta say, it’s really exciting to be involved in all layers of this process from the ground up — as a creator and as a writer,” he told ABC Audio. “I have done a lot of musical theater, but always as, like, someone doing someone else’s work. So to be able to create something — I’m really thrilled!”

Adam said he’d reveal more details about the musical “when the time is right.”

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