Adam Lambert launches debate on who should play LGBT characters in wake of rumored George Michael biopic


Should a straight man be allowed to play a gay character? According to a comment from Adam Lambert, maybe not.

The singer reignited a debate on queer characters when it was rumored The White Lotus star Theo James would be playing George Michael in a biopic about the late Wham! singer. When The Advocate posted the rumor on Instagram, Adam commented, “Yay another straight man playing a gay icon” along with an eye-rolling emoji.

Although the fate of the biopic was thrown in question after Michael’s estate said they had no involvement in it, nor would they be endorsing it, Adam’s comment renewed the debate of whether straight actors should play gay men on screen.

Some fans recalled what happened when Elton John weighed in when Taron Egerton, a straight actor, was cast to play him in the 2019 Rocketman biopic. Sir Elton, who helped cast Egerton, said it was “bulls***” that people were upset by the casting choice and insisted, “It’s the movie I wanted to make and that’s all that counts.”

While some fans are on Adam’s side, others expressed concern it could lead to a slippery slope where actors would be limited to only playing characters that share their sexuality or gender.

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