A reality show for Lionel Richie and his daughters? “I’m a little bit more reserved”


In our post-Kardashian world, quite a few celebrities have co-starred with their families in reality shows. For example, Sylvester Stallone just launched The Family Stallone, starring him, his wife and his three daughters. But Lionel Richie says he’d never consider doing something like that with daughters, Nicole and Sofia— because he thinks their entire lives have been a reality show.

Nicole has starred in two different reality shows, The Simple Life and Candidly Nicole, and has been a judge on several more. She’s also married to fellow celebrity Joel Madden of the band Good Charlotte. Sofia, meanwhile, is a model and fashion designer. And Lionel, of course, has judged American Idol for several seasons.

That’s why Lionel told E! News, “Let me say this to you: Living with my kids has been a reality series that I’ve been trying to forget for a long time. So, to bring it to the public right now would be something called post-traumatic syndrome.”

The “All Night Long” singer explained that his daughters have much more of a taste for stardom than he does.

“You know my kids, they have a journey. They’re used to this thing called ‘all your business, every day out in the street,"” he said. “I’m a little bit more reserved, so I’ll let them do their thing, and Papa Richie can kinda go home and enjoy the fireplace.”


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