98 Degrees’ Jeff Timmons, Drew Lachey talk about inspiration behind “O Holy Night”


Members of 98 DegreesO-Town and All-4-One, as well as Ryan Cabrera, are about to wrap A Boy Band Christmas tour, but they gave fans an everlasting gift: a song they recorded together.

The group released “O Holy Night” ahead of launching their new tour. 98’s Jeff Timmons, who was credited with pitching the idea of making a holiday song, told ABC Audio the group loved his idea but struggled to pick a favorite.

“There’s so many great holiday classics … so it’s hard to choose one,” he said. As for how they eventually settled on the famous Christmas carol, Timmons revealed a friend of theirs who works in radio suggested a couple of contenders and one of them was “O Holy Night.”

“If a radio guy that programs radio stations is suggesting something he would like to hear, perhaps he would play it,” the singer recalled of his thought process. 

As for whether fans will see more songs or even a tour-themed album from the group, said 98’s Drew Lachey, “We’ll see!”

He teased, “It won’t be hard to start laying out vocals out on the road while we’re out together. We enjoy performing together. We enjoy making music. So that wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.” 

A Boy Band Christmas Tour, also featuring 98’s Justin Jeffre, O-Town’s Erik-Michael Estrada and All-4-One’s Jamie Jones, ends December 23 at Vancouver’s PNE Winter Fair at Pacific Coliseum.

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