’80s Pop Star Wants To Release Music When He’s Dead


Remember Howard Jones, the chart-topping musician who brought us hits like “No One Is To Blame” and “Things Can Only Get Better?”

He’s 68 now and about to start his 40th anniversary tour, taking him to Europe, North America, Asia, and the UK.

He’s also working on new AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies to keep on making music for centuries to come!

Jones spoke with RETROPOP magazine and said “I want to create choirs with it.

”That’s always my thinking – how can I use these things in a way that will excite people?

“I remember when everybody was freaking out about sampling, which is laughable now, isn’t it?

“Just look at what people did with sampling and the creativity that came out of it.

”I even had it with synthesizers, where they wanted to ban me from the Musicians’ Union because I was apparently putting people out of work.

“With AI, obviously some people are going to use it to rip singers off but as artists we should think of it as a new tool.

”Let’s use it in a brilliant way to create even more exciting and interesting music, and let’s not be afraid of it!”

Not all musicians are embracing Jones’ feeling towards AI and the music industry. Sting has publicly questioned the impact of AI on the songwriting process.

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