Zachary Quinto checks into NBC medical drama


A medical drama headlined by Star Trek star Zachary Quinto will be coming to NBC.

The drama Dr. Wolf is based on the life of the late British neurologist and author Oliver Sacks, whose book Awakenings was made into the Oscar-nominated 1990 film of the same name starring Robert De Niro and Robin Williams.

According to NBC, the new series “follows revolutionary, larger-than-life neurologist Oliver Wolf (Quinto) and his team of interns as they explore the last great frontier — the human mind — while also grappling with their own relationships and mental health.”

The network says the show will be based not only on Sacks’ work but his books that explored the mysteries of the mind: The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat and An Anthropologist on Mars.

The series is being co-produced by actor-director Andy Serkis and his Imaginarium company, which had plans to adapt those books going back to 2018, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Dr. Wolf will also star Tamberla Perry, Ashleigh LaThrop and Alexander MacNicoll, among others, but with the SAG-AFTRA strike still ongoing, it’s unclear when it will air on the network.

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