‘Yellowstone’ creator Taylor Sheridan and co-star Cole Hauser legally lock horns over coffee brand


Yellowstone fans are used to watching the hit show’s cowboys come to blows, but likely not like this. 

The show’s creator, Taylor Sheridan, who also has a recurring role as Travis Wheeler on the neo-Western, is reportedly suing co-star Cole Hauser, who plays no-nonsense Rip, over a logo used by the latter’s new coffee company. 

In addition to creating hit TV shows, Sheridan has created a brand — both literally and figuratively — with Bosque Ranch, which he has spun into a shooting location and a home base for various entrepreneurial endeavors, including a spirits venture and a coffee company.

However, Hauser recently mounted a coffee company of his own, and according to Sheridan’s lawyers, the “intertwining” letters on the actor’s Free Rein Coffee logo are too close to the BR brand that appears all over Sheridan’s companies, including his Bosque Ranch Craft Coffee. 

Sheridan’s camp says Free Rein uses “a brand mark strikingly similar to Bosque Ranch’s registered trademark, potentially misleading consumers,” according to San Angelo Live, a news site from the same Texas city where Sheridan’s suit was filed in Northern District of Texas’s federal court.

Them’s fighting words.

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