‘Yellowjackets’ star teases season 2, debunks a wild theory


Yellowjackets returns to Showtime for its second season Friday and star Sophie Nélisse promises the stakes are higher than ever.

Nélisse, who plays the younger version of Melanie Lynskey’s Shauna in the series, tells ABC Audio fans should prepare themselves for “more chaos” and “more conflict” as the teenage survivors of last season’s plane crash go deeper into survival mode and their adult counterparts deal with the repercussions 25 years later.  

“I think what I was really intrigued [about] with the show is to kind of see how we’ll transition into this sort of feral state where we’re ready to commit really bad things,” she says.

There are lots of fan theories about what those “bad things” will entail, but Nélisse says she can safely debunk at least one of them involving her character’s pregnancy.

“We’re not going to eat the baby,” she says. “[In] the first season, a lot of fans were like, ‘Are they going to eat the baby?’ I think our show does a good job at, you know, tapping into the horror, and we’re walking a very fine line and I think that’s the one line we are not ready to cross.”

As dark as it is, Nelisse admits she was actually a fan of the wild theory.

“I honestly, not gonna lie, I was kind of Team Eating the Baby,” she says. “I admit it’s a little dark. I think I would even have a hard time watching such a scene.”

Tune in to see just how dark things will get, as Yellowjackets’ season 2 premiere is streaming on Showtime now.

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