With the writers strike resolved, Marvel Studios reportedly getting ready to work on ‘X-Men’


The uncanny X-Men have faced innumerable foes over the years, but the mutants were powerless against the WGA strike.

However, with the stoppage over, Deadline says Marvel Studios is ramping back up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first X-Men film. That said, this is early days for what has been among the most anticipated team-ups since Marvel Studios began: The trade says the Disney-owned studio will start interviewing writers in the fall to hear their take on the characters, including Wolverine, Cyclops and The Beast.

20th Century Fox formerly owned the rights to those characters, which it had licensed from Marvel, starting with 2000’s X-Men. For all its blockbuster success over the last decade, Marvel Studios was legally prevented from using any of Marvel’s own characters that were licensed by Fox, including the X-Men — indeed, even the word “mutant” was off-limits in Marvel scripts.

However, Disney’s 2019 acquisition of 20th Century Fox brought all those formerly Fox-owned characters into the fold, which is why Iman Vellani‘s Kamala Khan was finally allowed to say the M-word in the close of her Disney+ show Ms. Marvel.

It’s also how Ryan Reynolds‘ Deadpool and his buddies — including Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine — will finally appear in the MCU with the forthcoming Deadpool 3.

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