Welcome to “Flo-ver town”: Florence Pugh in love with her Guy Fieri-like ‘do


Apart from starring in films like Oppenheimer and Dune: Part Two, Florence Pugh has graced the cover of Vogue and collaborated with fashion houses like Valentino. The latest look she’s rocking, however, isn’t from the chic streets of Paris or Milan, but Flavortown. 

On her Instagram Story, Pugh said her blonde buzzcut reminds her of a certain mayor of that delicious, fictitious town. “Sometimes when I get out the shower I look like Guy Fieri and I love it,” Pugh captioned a smiling selfie.

“Just saying.. could be the new mayor of flavour town. Or should I say… ‘Flo-ver town,” she jokes, referencing her nickname.

For the uninitiated, apart from being a catchphrase synonymous with the Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives host and chef, Fieri explained to Food Network, “Flavortown is a mythical place, a state of mind, where fun and food meet in perfect harmony.”

He further mused, “On camera, I once said, ‘This pizza looks like a manhole cover in Flavortown.’ Willy Wonka had a chocolate stream, you know? So it’s taking these iconic food items, these iconic food moments, and giving them a home. They all live in Flavortown. It’s like one of those things in The Matrix: You can only get down with Flavortown if you believe in Flavortown.”

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