‘This Is Us’ star Milo Ventimiglia returns to TV in ‘The Company You Keep’


Milo Ventimiglia is back on TV with The Company You Keep — his first post-This Is Us project, which debuts Sunday night on ABC.

Ventimiglia plays a con artist who might be falling for a CIA agent, and he tells ABC Audio the show shares some DNA with a few other popular movies and shows, but with a twist.

“There’s Out of Sight, there’s Ocean’s 11, The Italian Jobs, with a little bit of like kind of Americans spun in there, but I think the goal of what we’ve really wanted to do, and this is also part of the ethos I think on set, is like, have fun, enjoy ourselves,” he explains. “You know, this is entertainment. This is something we want people to turn on for an hour of, you know, appointment television to be like, ‘Wow, I had a great time. Cool. And I can get back to my life and look forward to next week."”

Ventimiglia jumped at the chance to do another show on broadcast TV, sharing that he’s “kind of a product of broadcast.”

“I’ve done a lot of broadcast in my career, and I think for the hard charge into cable, streaming, superhero type roles, whatever, there’s something very comforting [about being] on every television in the country and extend beyond that,” he says.

Catherine Haena Kim, who plays the CIA agent, agrees there’s “something so iconic about broadcast” because “it’s the way that we all grew up watching TV.”

“There’s such like an intentionality about it when you know you have to be home at a specific time. Like most people don’t do that anymore,” she shares. “But there’s something so special when you get so excited about a show that you want to tune in 10 p.m. nine Central on Sundays.”

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