‘The Golden Bachelor’ recap: Gerry tells Leslie he’s “falling in love” with her as 3 women go home


This week on The Golden Bachelor, Gerry made tough decisions as he geared up for hometowns week.

Five weeks after receiving the first impression rose on the first night, Faith finally got a one-on-one date with Gerry. He picked her up at the mansion before whisking her away on a helicopter that took them on a scenic tour through Los Angeles, then landed on a yacht in Santa Monica.

On their date, Faith opened up about the hardships she’s faced in her life and how Gerry has made her feel special.

Gerry admitted that he felt that he was only attracted to her physically at first, but after hearing about her story, is “intrigued about her as a person.”

At the very end of the date, Gerry gave Faith a rose, securing her a trip to her hometown with Gerry so he could meet her family.

“A life with Faith could be amazing, I think she could be the one,” Gerry said.

While Faith was on her date with Gerry, Leslie, who had a one-on-one with Gerry last week, began to worry about the connections Gerry was forming with other women.

“I’m taking it a bit harder because my past relationships haven’t been secure,” Leslie said.

Faith’s description of her date stirred up a mixture of emotions for all of the remaining women in the mansion.

During their group date at Santa Monica Pier, Theresa pulled Gerry aside and told him her true feelings and her desire to have Gerry meet her family so he “sees who I am.” She also told him that she’s “really falling in love” with him.

Gerry didn’t share his feelings for Theresa, but was touched by her declaration of love for him and rode the Ferris wheel with her.

When Leslie and Gerry spent some time together, Leslie opened up about the “hard days” she’s had since Faith’s one-on-one date. She spoke to Gerry about being cheated on in past relationships and remembering the feeling that came with that experience.

Gerry assured Leslie on their one-on-one and that he cares for her. As they embraced, Gerry also whispered in her ear, “I’m falling in love with you, you’re my girl.”

Meanwhile, one week after Ellen told Gerry that she’s falling in love with him, she reiterated her feelings to him at the pier. Gerry didn’t respond with how he felt about her, but told her, “that it touches me deeply to hear you say that.”

At the very end of the date, and after the time he spent with the women, Gerry couldn’t bring himself to give out the group date rose, telling them he’d make the final decision at the next day’s rose ceremony.

After taking the night to mull over his decision, Gerry gave the last two roses to Leslie and Theresa. SandraSusan and Ellen were sent home.

“I wasn’t expecting it,” Ellen said. “I was truly falling in love with him. I just thought he was the one so it’s really upsetting. But this experience has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have a lot more optimism about love and the possibility of finding love at this stage in my life — he’s really a special guy. He is, and he deserves to be happy. He’s been through a lot.”

Next up, hometowns week.

Here are the women who remain: Theresa, Faith and Leslie.

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