‘The Golden Bachelor’ recap: Gerry plays pickleball, gets to the bottom of drama in the mansion


On Thursday’s episode of The Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner was faced with difficult decisions as he came to terms with his feelings for each of the women in the mansion.

For this week’s group date, Gerry invited EllenSandraSusanNancyAprilTheresaKathy and Faith to play his favorite sport — pickleball, enlisting the help ofTrista Sutter and upcoming Bachelor Joey Graziadei for the date.

Ellen’s experience on the court paid off, as it led her and Kathy to victory, after a match against Susan and Nancy.

After the pickleball tournament, the women convened for the cocktail portion of their date. Sandra, who was missing her daughter’s wedding, was the first to have one-on-one time with Gerry. Gerry said he was flattered by this, and surprised Sandra with a phone call to her daughter, and later, the date rose.

Meanwhile, following last week’s drama between Theresa and Kathy, Theresa pulled Kathy aside again to make sure things were good between them.

Kathy reminded Theresa again to “please not tell me anything about what’s going on” between her and Gerry. “It’s a matter of being kind and thinking, ‘Gee, will that hurt her feelings?"” Kathy said, and added, “Zip it.”

During her time with Gerry, Theresa told him about all the drama happening between her and Kathy. Gerry got down to the bottom of it all with his one-on-one with Kathy, telling her he was “unhappy” to see a rift unfolding between her and Theresa.

Gerry also had several moments with some of the women, including Ellen, who told him she couldn’t remember the last time she felt this way about a man. She also didn’t want to let the opportunity pass her by and told Gerry she’s “falling in love” with him.

After his conversation with Ellen, Gerry realized how some of his connections with certain women were much further along than others. Nancy also had the same feeling in her conversation with Gerry, and the two came to a mutual understanding that they didn’t have one, leading to her departure from the show.

Elsewhere, Leslie was the recipient of Thursday’s one-on-one date and got the date rose. 

At the rose ceremony, At the very end, Gerry sent April and Kathy home.

“I am who I am and people either like me or they don’t, but I mean, look at this, who can say no to this?” Kathy said in her final interview before leaving the mansion. “Rejection’s not fun. I mean, I might burn the house down before I leave, but you know…”

Here are the women who remain: Ellen, Faith, Sandra, Leslie, Susan and Theresa.

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