‘The Boys’ season 4 sneak peek hints at election night victory for Homelander, disappointment for Butcher’s boys


While there’s no release date yet, Prime Video has released a pair of new images from the forthcoming fourth season of its Emmy-nominated skewed superhero show The Boys.

In the two contrasting images, Antony Starr‘s vicious Homelander is pictured posing triumphantly as confetti falls around him; the second image shows Karl Urban‘s Billy Butcher dejectedly looking at the balloon- and confetti-covered ground.

The fourth season evidently centers on the presidential run of Homelander-backed, scheming vice presidential candidate Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) — who is secretly a supe who can explode people’s heads at will — and her running mate, presidential candidate Robert Singer, played by Jim Beaver.

Supe-hating Billy and his boys, safe to say, don’t want Neuman anywhere near the White House.

The upcoming season, which is in the post-production phase, will tie into Prime Video’s The Boys college-age spinoff Gen V, which is performing well for the streaming service.

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