Susie Essman updates fans on Jeff Garlin’s mental health struggles, and new season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’


Former Goldbergs star Jeff Garlin surprised fans back in September when he admitted he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder; his Curb Your Enthusiasm wife Susie Essman gave an update to Page Six.

“He’s working very hard,” the comedienne and actress said. “He’s on his meds, and he’s working in therapy, and he’s working hard to manage it.”

Garlin’s Goldbergs patriarch Murray was killed off-camera following his dismissal from the show for reported bullying and other on-set behavior. The show resumes without him.

However, like Susie is, Garlin is back to work on the 12th season of Larry David‘s Emmy-winning comedy, in which Garlin plays Larry’s manager Jeff Green. The 67-year-old Essman teased to Page Six at a New York City red carpet event Friday, “I just came home for Thanksgiving, and this is the funniest season.”

She added, “I’ve already lost my voice screaming and yelling at Larry and Jeff, so more to come. I mean, I literally got laryngitis from screaming at them, but they deserve it, don’t they?”

Essman also joked how fans are “visibly disappointed” when they meet her in person and find out she’s not as high-strung as her Curb alter-ego. “I don’t love yelling and screaming,” she admits. “I love the character Susie Green. In my real life, I don’t behave that way. People stop me on the street and I’m gracious to them, and I can see in their faces they’re…upset that I’m being nice.”

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