Snark attack: Move over ‘Cocaine Bear’, here’s ‘Cocaine Shark’


Just when you thought the water was safe from cocaine bears comes news of Cocaine Shark.

A trailer just dropped for that very film, and if one suspected it’s an apparent zero-budget rush job after Elizabeth Banks announced she was making Cocaine Bear, you’d likely be right.

Complete with bargain-basement effects, the trailer tells the story of an experiment gone wrong that released all manner of aquatic “freaks of nature” in the water.

For all the decidedly non-blockbuster-worthy action, and despite its title, what the trailer doesn’t show is any cocaine, either visually or mentioned in the community theater dialogue, leaving a cynic to wonder if the movie could have been retitled to capitalize on the surprise success of Banks’ bear movie.

That said, Bret McCormick, the writer of Repligator, and Amityville in Space director Mark Polonia are evidently back in fine form, with Queen Crab’s Ken Van Sant and Titus Himmelberger, who you undoubtedly remember from Sharkula, starring.

The movie from Wild Eye Releasing comes to DVD and streaming July 7, just in time for summer movie season.

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