Ryan Gosling says if there’s a ‘Barbie’ sequel, he’d like to play “Husky Ken”


There’s no word yet on whether Barbie will spawn a sequel — though when you have the biggest movie of the year, that’s almost a given.

While Ryan Gosling‘s waiting to find out, however, he’s got plans — and apparently, they don’t include hitting the gym for more shirtless scenes.

At a post-screening Q&A alongside co-star America Ferrera at London’s BFI Southbank venue on Friday, Variety quoted Gosling as saying “we really know nothing” about a follow-up.

However, he offered a wish for his role if it comes to be. “Can it be a husky Ken? Can I play Husky Ken, like Sandwich Ken? Can I play that Ken next time?”

Ferrera expressed of their director, Greta Gerwig, and co-star and producer Margot Robbie, “[W]hat Greta and Margot have said is they did not set out to make a franchise. They put it all out on the table. Every bit of it that they loved and that they knew to do, they did. Which is refreshing, right?”

“But then again, I know nothing, so there might be 20 years” of Barbie movies, she joked.

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