‘Reacher’ is back “bigger and badder” than before in new trailer


On Tuesday, Prime Video released the trailer to the second season of its hit action drama Reacher.

Hulking Alan Ritchson is back as author Lee Child‘s bruising former military investigator, and the trailer kicks things off with a bang: Reacher spots a woman nervously withdrawing money at an ATM and quickly realizes she’s being forced to do so by a carjacker.

The guy who says he “prefers not getting involved” responds by calmly walking to her vehicle, punching out the window and stomping the pistol-packing carjacker.

Season 2 has Reacher’s former military team members being hunted, apparently by a shady military contractor played by Terminator 2 and 1923’s Robert Patrick.

If you tuned into season 1, you know that was a big mistake.

“They’re coming after us,” an ally warns him. “Good,” Reacher says defiantly.

The jacked hero works his way up the chain in bone-crunching fashion in the trailer, braining one dude with a cinderblock and drowning another in wet cement.

“Damn, Reacher: When we were kids, we just wrote our names in it,” says Dixon, one of his team members, played by Serinda Swan.

Based on Bad Luck and Trouble, the 11th book in Child’s bestselling book series, Reacher season 2 debuts December 15 on Prime Video.

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