Ranker data shows that fans are still there for Matthew Perry


Since the news broke that Matthew Perry had passed away on October 28 at age 54, social media has been flooded with tributes to him.

Ranker, the website that lets people up- or down-vote pretty much everything, has devoted a lot of space to Friends’ fandom, and Perry and his Chandler Bing were already well represented in its findings.

With 1.2 million votes, Friends was declared the #1 sitcom in TV history, and Chandler himself ranked #1 on the listing of The Best Characters on Friends.

Chandler ranked just below The Office’s Michael Scott in the ranking of the Funniest TV Characters of All Time, placing second — and he placed eighth on the Greatest TV Characters of All Time list, beating competition like The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon (#13) and Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow (#25).

Further, Chandler ranked in the top spot for Best TV Characters of the 1990s. And back when quarantining was a thing, more than 3,000 people said they’d like to spend their time with Chandler Bing, hoarding toilet paper or washing their groceries, or doing whatever else they did in the lockdown times.

Matthew Perry also ranked #32, ahead of Jesse Plemons (#40) and Danny McBride (#56), as the Greatest Actors Who Have Never Won An Emmy (For Acting).

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