Premiere of Kevin Spacey’s comeback film ‘Control’ reportedly canceled by “horrified” UK theater owner


Kevin Spacey‘s comeback trail hit a major pothole when the world premiere ofm a movie featuring the Oscar winning actor was canceled because of his involvement in it.

Spacey, who was recently acquitted on sex assault charges in an English court, is the unseen antagonist in the low-budget thriller Control, which has his character remotely hijacking a British politician’s car and speaking with her through the car’s sound system as he terrorizes her from afar.

However, his co-star in the film she co-produced, Welsh actress Lauren Metcalfe, tells The Telegraph she was emailed out of the blue by Greg Lynn, who runs the independent Prince Charles Cinema, the venue near Leicester Square where the world premiere was to take place in November.

According to Metcalfe, Lynn said, “Last night it came to our attention that your film features Kevin Spacey, in particular his first film since the court case. My staff as well as I are horrified that we are being mentioned in the same breath as his new film for the premiere.”

Metcalfe told the paper, “It was very shocking given that Kevin has been cleared. He has been proven to be innocent and who are they to say otherwise? Kevin Spacey has done nothing wrong.”

Spacey’s attorney, Chase Scolnick, noted of the “beyond disappointing” development, “Mr. Spacey has proven his innocence in every courtroom in which he has appeared. Every juror who has considered the evidence against him has unanimously rejected the false allegations.”

He added the decision “rejects the legal process of two countries” and censors his “100 percent innocent” client.

Spacey was also unsuccessfully sued in New York City by former Rent actor Anthony Rapp, who had accused him of making sexual advances toward him decades ago, when Rapp was 14.

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