Practical Magic co-star Mark Feuerstein pitches Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman on magical movie return


Warner Bros. recently surprised fans of the 1998 romantic comedy Practical Magic with news it was conjuring up a sequel with Oscar winners Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.

Bullock’s love interest for a spell in that film, actor Mark Feuerstein, heard the news, too, and shared with ABC Audio his pitch on how he could be part of the sequel — if the leading ladies would have him.

The Royal Pains veteran recalls the events of the hit film, saying, “The aunts, who [were] played by Stockard Channing and Diane Wiest, cast a spell such that [Bullock] falls in love with me and we have a relationship. And then they cast another spell, which leads me to getting hit by a truck and killed.”

Enthusiastically, he continues, “So my feeling is they cast one more spell and I’m back in action in the sequel!”

He adds, “Come on guys. What’s wrong with that? Nicole, Sandy, let’s do this. That’s some practical magic! It’s magic and it’s practical because, you know, I could pay for my daughter who’s going to college.” 

For now, Feuerstein appears in the new MGM+ series Hotel Cocaine, which also stars Danny Pino and Michael Chiklis.

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