Pedro Pascal teases “expanding on the coolness,” Grogu and guest stars in ‘Mandalorian’ season 3


The Mandalorian’s third season debut drops Wednesday on Disney+, and Pedro Pascal can’t wait for fans to see it — because he’s a fan himself.

In an interview with Digital Spy, the Last of Us star talks about that other show that has him chaperoning a gifted child on a dangerous journey.

He said of Mandalorian creator and co-executive producer Jon Favreau and his producing partner Dave Filoni, “I remember checking in with them and just asking, ‘Are you guys, okay?’ because season three is so epic that you’ve got to wonder how overworked they are.”

Indeed, the pair are interweaving stories with Mando and its spin-off Ahsoka — which stars Rosario Dawson as the grown-up former Jedi Filoni created for Star Wars: The Clone Wars — as well as Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, which will star Jude Law.

Pascal clarifies about using the word “epic,” “I don’t mean it in a typical sort of Star Wars fashion. I mean … what season three does visually and narratively, it’s pretty epic.”

He said of his character’s relationship with the show’s first star, Grogu, who most people still refer to as Baby Yoda, “It’s such a beautiful dynamic that exists between Din [Djarin] and Grogu; protector, protected. And how … there’s so much layering within their relationship.”

He adds, “So I would just say that what is initially, or instantly, rich about their dynamic becomes more available to us in season three. What disarms us about this relationship continues to grow and that’s a fun thing.”

And seeing as the season 2 finale brought back none other than an in-his-prime Luke Skywalker, can fans expect any other jaw-dropping guests?

“The answer to that is yes, period,” Pedro says with a laugh.

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