Pedro Pascal can’t shake his job on ‘The Last of Us’ in new ‘SNL’ promo


Pedro Pascal is making his Saturday Night Live debut this weekend, but he’s having some trouble transitioning away from his hit HBO show The Last of Us.

A new spot shows the Game of Thrones and Mandalorian vet taking in SNL’s studio 8H. “Little Pedro Pascal from Santiago, Chile, hosting Saturday Night Live,” he muses. Suddenly, he hears something suspicious and spots a shadowy form creeping around. He spots a “clicker,” one of the infected, zombie-like humans that stalk him on The Last of Us, and grabs a hammer to dispatch it.

Just as he’s about to strike, Sarah Sherman interrupts him: “What are you doing, you psycho?!” she asks. “That’s Matt, our new cast member,” she says of the hideous creature, consoling him with fellow SNL player Molly Kearney.

Sarah then tells Pedro, “Listen, I know this is your first time hosting SNL, but a little advice: Don’t hit the cast members with a hammer, you maniac!”

Kearney advises him, “We’re gonna get past this, but gotta be honest: Not the best first impression. Get better.”

Pascal then says to himself, “This place is nuts,” adding with a crazy grin to camera: “I LIKE IT!”

Coldplay returns to SNL this weekend as the musical guest.

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